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Natural Pet Food Ingredients

We use only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, grown and raised by farmers across America

Our Four-Legged Family Members Deserve Real Food

We believe in giving our pets the best. That's why Petbrosia uses only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, grown and raised by farmers across America, and carefully selected for your pet’s individual needs. You can be confident that when you give your dog or cat a Petbrosia product, they are enjoying the very best, nutrient-rich ingredients, minus all the unnecessary additives and cheap fillers. We’re proud of our ingredients, and we know you and your pet will love what’s inside. Kibble-In-Bowl

Superior Proteins

Real meat is always the number one ingredient in our food – never a “by-product meal.” Our chicken & salmon is always raised in the United States. We use only the leanest protein sources that can help your pet maintain an ideal weight and body condition.  See Our Superior Proteins

Premium Fruits and Vegetables

We incorporate antioxidant-rich super fruits like blueberries and novel ingredients like chickpeas to help support your pet's immune system. Our fruits and vegetables are always fresh and free of artificial colors and preservatives. See Our Premium Fruits and Vegetables

Quality Carbohydrates

We believe in using quality carbohydrates like all-natural, wholesome brown rice and sweet potatoes grown in AmericaWe never use ingredients sources commonly used in some pet foods like corn, wheat, soy, or gluten.  Our Quality Carbohydrates provide a balanced glycemic index with a lower impact on blood sugar levels. See Our Quality Carbohydrates

Our Mineral Blend

We include essential minerals like iron and zinc to help you encourage your pet's growth, immune system health, skin, and coat. Since dogs and cats can often have difficulty absorbing some minerals, we've included chelated minerals, organic forms of minerals that are easier to absorb.  See Our Mineral Blend 

Vitamins and Supplements

Our vitamins and supplements support your pet's healthy lifestyle. We include Glucosamine & Chondroitin in every Petbrosia diet to help your pet maintain healthy joints from their first years to their senior years.  See Our Vitamins and Supplements

Probiotic Extracts & Prebiotics

Every Petbrosia diet has added probiotic extracts and prebiotics. Prebiotics feed and encourage the growth of good bacteria in the colon. Good bacteria in the intestinal tract helps aid the digestion and absorption of nutrients.  See Our Probiotic Extracts & Prebiotics

Essential Fats and Oils

Essential fatty acids can potentially lower your pet's risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis, as well as improve your pet's skin and coat. We include DHA-rich Menhaden Fish Oil in every diet, which can help your pet maintain a healthy brain. See Our Essential Fats and Oils


Your pet will love our ingredients


Kibble design

Our kibble is created purposefully

Dog Kibble

Each one of the natural ingredients in our kibble is chosen for a reason. We never use unnecessary additives or fillers. Our purposefully created kibble is designed for optimal nutrient absorption, resulting in smaller, firmer stools. Our animal nutrition experts have designed our dog kibble especially for dogs that have difficulty eating denser kibbles. Our dog kibble is less dense and gentler on teeth, and we've found that many dogs enjoy eating our kibble over a longer period of time.


Cat Kibble

Just like our dog kibble, our cat kibble is less dense, optimized for nutrient absorption, and filler-free. Additionally, we've specially designed our cat kibble for cats that trouble eating certain kibble shapes. Our animal nutrition experts have created a special, almond-shaped cat kibble that is easier for your cat to pick up, making mealtime easier.


Your pet will love our kibble

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