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How it works is simple

10 Unique Pet Factors

Pet Profile

When you tell us about your pet you help us identify their key nutritional needs. Our simple online tool will let you enter everything we'll need to get started in just a few minutes.


We Formulate

Using your pet’s information we will formulate a corn, wheat, and soy-free meal appropriate for their breed, age, weight, level of activity, and other health needs.


Convenient Delivery

Save time and aggravating trips to the store. You’ll also get the freshest pet food available. Enjoy Free Shipping with our auto-ship program and never run out of pet food again!


Updated Blend

We understand the naturally changing nutritional needs of your pet. Plus, you also have the ability to tell us if something changes. We will adjust their formula to meet their changing needs.



All-Natural Ingredients

From small farms and farmers across America

Real meat first, and filled with non-GMO succulent fruits and vegetables for a well-balanced meal! Packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy supplements to provide your pet a wellness diet that's worry-free for you.

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Genuine Health Benefits

Even More Than Meets The Eye

Wellness happens when you are healthy inside and out. The Petbrosia plan targets 7 key areas of pet health, putting your pet on the path to wellness.

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Health Benefits
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Petbrosia Purpose

Spend More Time Loving Your Pet

We believe that something crafted with hearts and hands will triumph over anything mass-produced. We promise to deliver nutrition the right way, not just the way it's always been done.

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